Peruvian Mysticism and Ceremony

For thousands of years the high Andean mountains have been keeping safe the priests and priestesses of an ancient civilisation. These spiritual leaders, or paqos as they are better known by the native speaking Quecha peoples of the Peruvian region are the bridge between humankind, mother earth and father sky.  The teachings and sacred knowledge shared openly by these paqos serve to help the sickly western world regain balance and connectedness to self and other.


Medicine Wheel

Integral to the development of self awareness and reflection is the process of moving around the medicine wheel. 


Connecting and calling forth the archetypes, directions and elements of the wheel allows us to call in the different parts of ourselves. Observing and working with any trauma, stressors, compaction and restrictions that may be obstructing our journey to truth.

Ceremonial work with the medicine wheel include Shamanic Drum Journeying, Shamanic Healings (extraction and soul retrieval processes), Despacho Offerings and Fire Ceremony. Ritual is an opportunity to honour the archetypes and spirit energies that hold and support our development on the path to truth, peace and joy. 


Shamanic Healing £60 for 120 mins

Shamanic Drum Journey (Group/Guided) £7 for 90 mins

Despacho Workshop and Fire Ceremony (Group) £7 for 90mins

Cacao Ceremony

A traditional Peruvian Cacao ceremony honours the magnanimous Maestra Cacao including all her offerings of selflessness and heart connection. She has been revered throughout meso-america for thousands of years and is still an integral plant medicine and spirit energy within ceremonial practice today.

A specially prepared medicine brew of Cacao contains:

  • Over 40 times the antioxidants found in blueberries. Such a high antioxidant count helps to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, helps to ward off cancer, fight the signs of ageing, improves cognitive function and fights fatigue.

  • It's packed full of magnesium which a large percentage of the western world is deficient in.

  • It contains more calcium than cow's milk.

  • It has the highest iron content of any known plant. 

  • Aids in blood sugar management and gut health.

  • Helps to fight tooth decay and has been proven to be more efficient than fluoride at fighting bacteria.

  • Relieves coughing fits and stimulates the vagus nerve and nervine systems of the body.

  • It contains important bliss chemicals such as serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine which are known to elevate mood, help ward off and manage depressive episodes and induce feelings of contentment, love, happiness and joy. 

Traditional Peruvian Cacao Cermony is held regularly and adheres to strict Paqo priest and priestess preparation methods.

Peruvian Cacao Ceremony £15 pp (18 years+ only)